Will the RVC-Videos affect the attendance of my class?

Faculty members were interviewed. None of them found noticeable impact on student attendance due to the release of lecture video.

Faculty members can determine how and when the lecture videos are released to students to optimize the effectiveness.

Who own the copyright of the RVC-Videos?

PTC regards the RVC-Video as a kind of teaching material likes course notes and publications produced by the Center. The videos will be removed from the online straming server after sending to faculty in DVDs. The copyright of the videos should refer to the relevant University copyright polices. Details can be found in the online Faculty Handbook.

Can I keep the lecture videos, but not release them to students?

Yes. many faculty members kept the videos for their own teaching evaluation only.

Can student download the videos from my course website?

Like most online content, it is technically feasible to grab or download the video if a student deliberately wants to do so. But all RVC-Videos bear prominent copyright statement to restrict their viewing and distribution.

Can I video record my lecture without student so that I can present the content without interruption?

Yes. This kind of recording can be made in PTC AV Studio.

What can be done if there was interruption that affect the recording?

PTC can arrange re-capturing the lecture in the PTC’s AV Studio without student to attend.

What if I am not satisfied with the recording?

If necessary, PTC can arrange re-capturing the lecture in PTC’s AV Studio without student to attend.

What if the RVC equipment is not working?

No immediate action will be taken by PTC if RVC equipment is not working. PTC will arrange re-capturing the lecture later. Other technical problems of AV equipment in classroom should be reported to ITSC as usual practice.

To whom should I contact if my students report to me the problem of viewing the videos?

Please re-direct student’s enquiry to our RVC Team for follow up.

Can I keep my RVC-Videos online after the semester?

Yes, but faculty should indicate before the end of the semester. Since video files size are very large while server space is limited, all RVC-Videos created during a semester will be removed from the server when the semester is over.